Updates to UCS 4.1 available only to errata 62

Hello everyone,
errata appears to number 70 on the site, but I can only make up to the number 62


Starting univention-upgrade. Current UCS version is 4.1-0 errata62

Checking for local repository: none
Checking for release updates: none
Checking for package updates: none
Checking for app updates: none

what it can be?


WHats the output of

ucr get repository/online/server

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*


this is just a display issue of the current errata level. While releasing errata updates yesterday we found a last minute bug and had to retract one package. Due to this, the univention-errata-level package currently sets the UCR variable version/erratalevel to 62 instead of 70.

If you have the package univention-errata-level version 4.0.0-1.1155.201601271518 installed, everything is fine and your packages are up-to-date. The errata level will be shown correctly with the release of the next errata update.

Thank you for the information. I tested and that’s exactly what happened.