Update Nextcloud Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.5)

Hi, I just installed UCS server and Nextcloud.

The current version is Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.5)
How to update to Hub7

In admin settings is no possibility as in normal Nextcloud installations.
Pls tell me How-To

The Nextcloud app in UCS is a docker container app specific to UCS. It can only be officially updated when a new UCS app version of Nextcloud is released. It is typically a version behind, sometimes 2.

THX Kevo for taking care.
So this app is not well maintained.
There are a lot of errors from the server side:
how can I access the config.php to try to solve some?

Do you know what’s about this:

Is this the same Nextcloud version also in Docker?
Will there also be the USC server installed?

It is! - The UCS version of Nextcloud becomes published after most issues have been solved and then will be published by Nextcloud for UCS.

Nextcloud for Univention always is in a docker container. The Univention server needs to be installed one time before Nextcloud and frequently be updated. Nextcloud is an app from Univention app-center:

Please find

for more information to find config.php

Don’t forget a system backup previous to do any changes.

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