Update IP address of backup domain controller

A little poor planning on my part and I’ve lost access to a BDC VM through the web management console. I do have access to cli via the VM novnc console.

I want to ensure I’m walking through this in the correct order. From what I’m understanding in the man page for ucr, I need to set these variables (Not sure of syntax, so please correct me if I’m wrong.)

ucr set interfaces/ens3/address={new.ip.address} interfaces/ens3/broadcast-{new.ip.address} interfaces/ens3/network={new.ip.networkaddress} ldap/server/ip:{new.ip.address-of-BDC} nameserver1={new.ip.address-of-BDC} nameserver2={new.ip.address-of-PDC}

Am I correct that all variables can be listed in a single cmd or do these need to be broken out?


Different varaibles in a single command. I wasn’t aware ucr can do but looks like it is a nice piece of code :wink:

If unsure you can compare the settings to the ones in your still runnung primary DC.

Nope. Had to run those individually.

There were at least two ucr variables in other parts of the GUI that had to be touched. Overall, it was pretty painless compared other platforms where it would essentially require a wipe and build from scratch solution.

Hi @texas-aggie,
if I compare this to my Backup Domain Controller’s settings I should look like this:

ucr set interfaces/ens3/address={new.ip.address} \
  interfaces/ens3/broadcast={highest.ip.in.subnet} \
  interfaces/ens3/network={new.ip.networkaddress} \
  ldap/server/ip={new.ip.address-of-BDC} \
  nameserver1={new.ip.address-of-BDC} \

The broadcast had no equal (=) sign and has to specifiy the broadcast address of a network segment. In a class A network like with netmask this would be


Excellent. Thank you!