Update Guacamole un univention app catalogue

Hi All,

Can you update the version of Guacamole to the latest version (eg from 0,9,13 to 1,20)


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I first thought your post was an actual update announcement… :grinning:
Looking through the changelog of version 1.2.0 I would just like to give this another vote :heavy_plus_sign: :one:

But I’m not sure, the app had some issues - also noted in the bug tracker - and I don’t think that they are really fixed. I still have some workaround for the docker network running on my side.

Best, Bernd

Yep there is a lot of new things in the 1,2 version



But maybe someone knows how to update just the container so we don’t need to wait on appcenter releases?

because there are not only new features but also security issues.

Is there a way to contribute?

yes you are right, there is a lot of bug-fix/security-fix in the latest version


Would there be a general interest in a paid for Guacamole app for ucs? Similar to the bitwarden_rs app I’ve made a while ago this app would then consist of a bash script for general setup and a docker-compose file. The app would follow the Sponsorware model, meaning it would be private at first, but once a certain monthly sponsorship threshold is met, would be freely available for everyone.

If you are interested please pm me.