Unstable app Center install in ucs-5

I was able to install and run nexcloud (20.0.10) in ucs-5, but after today update nextcloud no more works, nor it is possible to install. only uninstall works, and re-install says it needs a supported UCS-4 or higher.

We were actively testing app compatibility for UCS 5 today and modified the app metadata multiple times.

Nextcloud 20.0.10-0 is only available in the test app center so we removed the UCS 5 compatibility for now.

As of now nextcloud 20.0.9-0 is the latest version in the production app center and is installable and working on UCS 5 development systems, please try again.

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sadly, still not able to.
Ask me to revert to ucs 4.4

OK, I was using dev-use-test-appcenter.
with univention-app dev-use-test-appcenter --revert
it is OK now to install Nextcloud. in ucs-5