Unmaintained repo vs Pin-Priority?


I understand than adding debian repo might break univention and I should use unmaintained but I tough unmaintained was titling like this because the packages wasn’t maintained by the Univention team.


I have to restore backup from another debian server which are under LUKS2.
I means, of course I could make a VM with a debian than copy everything but for me it’s a non sense.

But I guest my real question is

What if I add Debian repo and I lower their priority with Pin-Priority ?


I still did not get your goal here. Why do you want to enable Debian repos? For cryptsetup? But this is available in UCS, too (I run several UCS system with encrypted disks)

If you enable Debian repositories you might have to fight with non-resolvable dependencies which can corrupt your entire system. Even with a lower priority it might install different version and therefore an univention-upgrade could fail in future.

So: Strongly recommended NOT to enable Debian repository- except you do not mind fresh installations of UCS at a later stage…


I want LUKS v2 which is available in buster
ok I get it, Univention is based on Debian9 not 10