Univention portal redirect to login page

Hi, I am still learning how to configure the myriad options the univention directory and registry has, but I was wondering if there was an way to redirect unauthenticated users to the login page automatically?
In other words any access to univention/portal be redirected to univention/login if no user is logged in?

Did I understand that right, that you basically do not want a portal/landingpage - that it should only appear if the user has authorized himself first? If not, please elaborate what you try to achieve.

thanks for your reply, yes that was my question to show the portal/landing page to authenticated users and direct unauthenticated visitors to login page
in other words could the login page be made the portal/landing page?
studying the html and script files noted some references to authenticated status, but was not persistent enough to understand their purpose or use.

So it seems that this is not possible by design?
I have no problem editing config files, but thought I will ask that I am not making changes for something is already there…

Ah, I am sorry that I took so long to answer. I do not know of a way off the bat, I think you should be able to use apache redirections or you can have a look at the LDAP tree (domain settings -> (blue) -> LDAP -> “univention”) -> you need to look for settings for the “portal” (where you can also change settings for app-symbols on the portal) - but to my knowledge there is no out-of-the-box option to achieve this.

Thanks, I tried to look at the LDAP portion, but it seems there is no way to create in the portal container a portal entry with a path different than “univention/portal”
will resort to using apache redirections,
Thanks for your feedback, not sure where ideas are being captured, perhaps this is something can be considered as an improvement.

Ileo, did you manage to bring the login page first?

can you share how did you manage to do it?


I also would like to know how to only show the portal page to logged in users if anyone has figured that out.

No, I have not found other solution that manually edit the apache2 config files to redirect as you see fit.
I would warn you that with every update, any change one makes to the portal entries, they are reset to original status.
For example you delete links you would not want immediately shown on your server, they will come back. It is annoying for example access under ip addresses are added back after each update.

Thanks for the lead, Thistle. I found this option in the LDAP setting which when selected will automatically redirect an anonymous user to login page (not sure if this is a new feature or an existing one).

@lleo see if this works