Univention Portal pointing to JitsiMeet

Today I have the problem that after I installed JitsiMeet my Univetion Portal webpage is pointing to this app.
When I try to reach https://ucs.xyz.xx/univention/portal/ I get a grey (backround color) webpage; the same happens if I call this page using the IP https://192.168.x.y/univention/portal/.
If I type https://192.168.x.y/ I get the JitsiMeet start site.
It is obvious that something is wrong with the apache config but unfortunatly I am not able to figure how to switch back to “normal”.
Any useful help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I found another thrad in this forum

And solved my problem by deleting the created symlink
rm /etc/apache2/xyz.conf.d/vhost.conf
systemctl restart apache2