Univention OX-AppSuite (Drive / Calendar) Restore


Today one of our users had a problem with his mail-accounts.
He could not see any of his mail accounts and the appsuite always showed a connection error or timeout. We tried a view different things to exclude some possible reasons.

So other network and client, with or without VPN, and so on. The Logs on the mailserver didn’t show anything noticeable and every other account and user worked fine.

So we took a backup of the maildir-directory under /var/spool/dovecot and then deactivated the user for OX in the management-console. After that we reactivated it.

Then the mails come back in, but the calendar, contact and drive-data was lost.
So here is my question any possibility or idea how we can restore this data?

Thank you for reading!


Uncheck will delete!

The user and all its data was deleted from the OX database.
The emails are not OX data, as they are handled separately by an IMAP server (Dovecot) to which OX web UI connects.
To restore the other data (contacts, calendar, drive), restore the MySQL databases used by OX to a point before the deletion. Be aware that this will delete all data entered since then by all other users. Be sure to make a backup before doing a restore, in case the outcome is not desirable.

Daniel Tröder

Thank you for the fast answer!

ok understood, thanks for the information…
i think the database or better the univention-mailserver doesn’t make mysql-dumps or something like that by itself. So if there is no manuel made mysql-backup there won’t be a chance to restore, right?

Yes, that’s right - UCS does not automatically create SQL backups.