Univention-office365 Missing

Hello this app was removed from the repos?

Using UCS 4.4-8 i have it installed but now is report that isn’t installed and cannot install it again… search in the repos doesn’t exist… what happen?

@damrose any clue what happen?


I am seeing this too “E: Package ‘univention-office365’ has no installation candidate”, on my UCS 4.4 machine

Same Problem here! Can’t reinstall office 365 after a failed update.

Got the following error:
Die folgenden Pakete haben unerfüllte Abhängigkeiten:
31.01.22 18:24:32.848 MODULE ( PROCESS ) : univention-management-console-module-office365 : Hängt ab von: univention-office365 (= 2.0.2-160A~ soll aber nicht installiert werden