Univention-mtpolicyd to harden mailserver setup

Hello together,
I am currently playing around with a fresh UCS 4.4 install and try to get the mailserver installed and configured in a secure way. I found this article:


and was trying to install Mtpolicyd. I added the cool solution repo and made a apt-get update. The package was found but I cannot install it. I assume as it is for UCS 4.2? I get the following error:

Fortfahren nicht möglich

Folgende Pakete werden installiert bzw. aktualisiert:

  • geoip-database
  • univention-mtpolicyd

Die Aktion führt bei folgenden Paketen zu nicht automatisch behebbaren Problemen:

  • univention-mtpolicyd
    I am now wondering, if someone can refer to a more uptodate guide on how I can securly configure my mailserver or how I can install this package. Thanks a lot!

Best regards,