Univention Listener Problem

I have problem when creating users via udm users/user create command.
They are created, but I can’t log with them in Windows.
Listener.log shows this text:

updating ‘uid=test.user,cn=something1,cn=something2,cn=something3,cn=something4,cn=something5,cn=users,dc=corp,dc=company,dc=com’ command a
dntree_add_id: mdb_cursor_put failed for child 643: MDB_BAD_VALSIZE: Unsupported size of key/DB name/data, or wrong DUPFIXED size (-30781)
received signal 6

So, there is problem with length of dn, right? Can I solve this problem, or maybe get length error when creating user via udm users/user create command.

I meet the same problem.Did you have sloved it.Would you like share the way to me.thanks.