Univention-join-domain: GSSAPI error: no credentials were supplied

So, I am trying to set up a test domain as my company tries to decide if we wish to deploy this product. I’m currently on the Univention Core License, if that has any relevance to support.

I’m currently using a test client with Linux Mint, using the univention-join-domain script available through the PPA.

Whenever the script gets to the point of using “ldapwhoami” to discover the administrator’s DN, the script fails with

GSSAPI Error: No credentials were supplied

After some experimenting, I have determined this error is happening specifically on the Univention server, especially after getting the same error when logged-in as the Administrator account locally on the machine.

As near as I can guess, the Kerberos ticketing isn’t working properly on 5.0-7 errata998, though I’m still new to all this.

Is this a bug, or have I missed something painfully obvious during setup?

Thanks in advance!

What PPA you used, and how you joined exactly?

I am using the univention-dev ppa (ppa:univention-dev/ppa)
As for how I joined, I am using the univention-domain-join GUI command.

I would like to point out that it seems to be a server-side issue, because I am getting the same GSSAPI error when I try ldapwhoami while on the Univention server itself as Administrator.

On the Univention server side, I am using the ISO downloaded directly from the Univention website (https://www.univention.com/downloads/download-ucs/#1621251595720-76bcb7ea-6088). I set up a new AD Domain following the built-in installer.

FWIW, I did notice a few other issues not related to this issue, such as GRUB not being configured properly in an EFI environment, so I’m not sure if I’ve inadvertently downloaded a bad image. The checksum came back correct.

Thank you for your response.