"Univention help - be open" - really?

I am just a not-paying-homelab-user. But please #UCS, get more open and answer questions asked here! There have been several questions during the past years, but the useful replies are scare. I am active in some other communities - those proof “it works” - and advertising (for them) is an argument, for sure…

Hello UdoB,

Thank you for your first topic in your longer than two years membership (Jun 13, '20), with 0 answers to posts and 0 accepted solutions.

To be more “be open” I would like to share some statistics for the year 2022 (Dez 31. 21 - Dez 31. 22):

  • Topics: 942
  • Posts: 2.7k
  • Accepted solutions: 127

I’m not sure if I understand the question correctly, but by checking the statistics of this forum from above, I think there is a great community here, and of course there is always potential for improvement.

Feel free to help others by answering a few questions. Or perhaps you would like to provide some assistance to others or describe a solution to a problem where you have successfully helped yourself with. It also helps if you press the heart button :heart:, if you like an answer.

At this point I would like to thank all active members and wish them a happy new year 2023! :confetti_ball: :tada:


My apologize. One should not post when in a bad mood for unrelated reasons. I am just under the impression that several posts got no answer…

Thank you very much for giving free access to UCS for people like me. I am using UCS in a very small Homelab and it works really great.

Happy new year!