Univention Domain Join Assistant


so far i installed the constellation “ucs kvm-host” + ucs-master-vm always like this:

  • installing ucs-master on a temporary pc
  • installing the ucs-kvm-host as a member on the server hardware
  • transfer ucs-master to a vm on the host

is there an easier way out of here?

with best


well obviously we have a question of “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?”.

Currently the way you described is fine although not really nice.

It could be easier in case you would accept a different domain for you KVM host. This is not nice, either. I know. Then you would

  • Install KVM as master in dom1.ain
  • Install UCS master in dom2.ain as vm

There have been thoughts to have a “KVM-only” version of UCS but there are no plans to implement it currently (and it would be very similar to the idea I mentioned above).


I would change this to “installing ucs-master on a KVM host”.It should be difficult to copy a KVM image ot the UCS KVM host.

By the way, AFAIK in past a proposed proceeding was to install the member server first without joining and creating the DC master VM afterwards without help of UVMM.

i’m not sure but isn’t there the installation type “no domain”? would it be solvable with it?

i have always done this with clonezilla, it works quite well.

so the kvm-host as ucs-member without joining the domain and the master afterwards with virtual machine manager? I should try that out.

by the way … sorry for the wrong subject