Univention directory report "homePostalAdress" syntax

i am trying to make my own csv template and need some help with the homePostalAdress attribute syntax.
I tryed

<@attribute name="homePostalAdress"@>

with the following error:

TypeError: sequence item 0: expected str instance, list found

Thanks Reinhard

Hello Reinhard,

unfortunately I have no experience with the directory reports so far, but I can explain the error to you: Your template expects the homePostalAdress to be a string while in fact it is a list (a collection of items, supposedly strings).

You could try one of the following, maybe that works:

<@attribute name=“str(homePostalAdress)”@>
# or
<@attribute name=“homePostalAdress[0]”@>

Best regards

Hello Jan-Luca,
thanks for your help! I tried some variants from your examples and the errormessage disapears. Unfortunately in the report there is still no data for homePostalAdress.

I found out that the separator of the multivalue ldap attribute is $

Greetings Reinhard