Univention Corporate Server 4.3 released

We are very happy to announce the availability of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.3. Considerable highlights are:

  • UCS 4.3 is based on Debian GNU/Linux 9 (Stretch). More than 20,000 source packages have been updated and some have been adapted to the needs of UCS users. The Linux kernel of Debian GNU/Linux is now used unmodified. This greatly improves compatibility to hardware and software which has been certified for Debian 9. Also new in UCS 4.3 are e.g. MariaDB and Nagios 4.
  • The portal pages introduced with the UCS 4.2 gave users a simple way to access applications relevant to them. With UCS 4.3, administrators can easily build and manage these portals in visual composer mode and via drag and drop. It is now also possible to show different content to different users, depending on their group membership, permissions, department, branch or school.
  • With UCS 4.3, SAML authentication is linked to the Kerberos login. Users logged in to Microsoft Windows or Linux (Ubuntu) can access Web applications that support SAML without re-authentication.
  • The different account types for users have been simplified. There are now only three different account types with UCS 4.3:
    • Normal accounts containing all features.
    • Simple authentication accounts that can only connect to LDAP servers, but have no possibility to log in elsewhere.
    • Address book entries for maintaining contact information.
  • Samba has been updated to version 4.7. This new Samba release contains important enhancements to the Active Directory domain controller. For example, the multi process implementation of the Samba LDAP server will significantly improve performance. Additionally, replicating group memberships now uses significantly fewer resources.

Notes about release, download and documentation can be found at the following ressources:

Questions can be asked here in Univention Help in the area UCS.


Any information about cool solutions and office 365 update so i can upgrade to 4.3?


Hello @codedmind,

the office 365 app is available for UCS 4.3. Former cool solutions like Let’s encrypt are also updated.

Which cool solution article do you have in mind? It typically takes some time to update them and we prioritize according to their popularity.

Best regards,

When i went to software updates i get the warning about the office365 and coolsolutions repo.

I only post because of that…

The currently installed release version is 4.2-3 errata312.
Further release updates are available but cannot be installed. The currently installed version of the application Microsoft Office 365 Connector is not available for all newer UCS releases. You may wait for the app to be released for the new UCS version. Using the “App Center” module, you may also search for alternative apps or uninstall the application. Component ‘cool-solutions’ is not yet available for newer release versions.

I miss univention-usercert …

I am always leery of upgrading release versions of anything, especially when I see changes to Samba and the DC functionality… With that said, I am not an expert in DC’s but I have UCS installed on my network as the controller for my Windows 7 clients for my volunteer Fire Department. I see the note: “Support for Windows NT style domain control has been removed from UCS 4.3”

I apologize for the possible idiot question, but would this have any impact on my Windows 7 domain? or is this only for the super old windows NT 3.x/4 workstation??

The change for account types, I see there are 3 types of account. I have a couple simple authentication accounts for external web applications to authenticate users against, has anybody noticed any impact or issues after an upgrade?

Thanks! Sorry for the questions that may be simple.

Anyone with office connector was able to do the updagre to 4.3?


Hello @codedmind,

today we released an update of the Office 365 connector for UCS 4.2 which now allows the upgrade from UCS 4.2 to UCS 4.3 for systems where the connector has been installed.

Best regards,

The 'cool-solutions’ repository is now available for UCS 4.3. We double checked that univention-usercert will work on upgrade and new installation scenarios.