Univention Corporate Server 4.2 released

We are very happy to announce the availability of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.2. Considerable highlights are:

  • The Debian base in UCS was changed from Debian 7 (Wheezy) to Debian 8 (Jessie). The entire Debian distribution will no longer be rebuilt. This allows security updates to be released even faster, and binary compatibility is increased.
  • This change also involves the switch of the default startup system to systemd. However, all previous init scripts are still started, so that the apps can be migrated successively.
  • A configurable web portal provides an overview of the services installed in the domain.
  • If there is more than one UCS system in the domain, an overview of servers is displayed.
  • Many design and usability improvements have been made to the UCS management system.
  • If SAML (Web Single-Sign-On) is configured and the name resolution works for the browser, the login to the UCS management system will be assigned directly to single sign-on.
  • The usability and user guidance of the password self service was revised after usability tests.
  • Update to Samba 4.6 with lots of detail improvements and better performance.
  • Update to Kernel 4.9.
  • Update to Docker 1.12.
  • Update the virtualization components QEMU / KVM to version 2.8.
  • The Univention Directory listener now internally uses the LMBD, which has been used very successfully for OpenLDAP since UCS 4.0.

Notes about release, download and documentation can be found at the following ressources:

Questions can be asked here in Univention Help in the area UCS.