Univention Corporate Server 3.0-2 released

The second update of UCS 3.0 is available with UCS 3.0-2. The update includes several improvements, bug fixes and new features. Numerous improvements affect the stability of UCS and Univention system setup for the later web-based configuration of Univention Corporate Server (UCS).

Excerpt from the changelog:[ul]
[li] Ubuntu-Clients can now be managed in the UCS management system with an own computer role, e.g. network properties for DNS/DHCP. The configuration on the Ubuntu clients needs to be customized as described in the designated article in the Univention wiki.[/li]
[li] An independent and updated installation DVD is available that already includes all previous bug fixes from the point updates and errata updates.[/li]
[li] The Debian “Squeeze” point update 6.0.5 has been integrated that includes important bug fixes and updates the Linux kernel to the long term kernel[/li]
[li] The configuration of UCS in appliance mode can now be done in a web browser and simplifies the employment of UCS as Cloud image. Furthermore, single menus can be configured extensively and settings can be left out, for example. It allows third party integrators to better customize images e.g. for virtual appliances based on UCS.[/li]
[li] The network settings of UCS system can be configured via DHCP. It is needed for the employment of UCS at some cloud server providers (e.g. Amazon EC2).[/li]
[li] The NTLM authentication at the Squid proxy server is now done with an independent authentication module that access the LDAP directory directly instead of Winbind.[/li][/ul] A complete list of all changes as well as detailed information can be found in the release notes.

The update can be loaded by using the online repository either via UCS management system with the module “Online Updates” or via command line with the command “univention-upgrade”. Further update possibilities are described in the UCS manual in chapter 7.5.4.