Univention Corporate Server 3.0-1 released

The first update of UCS 3.0 is available with UCS 3.0-1. The update includes several improvements, bug fixes and new features. Numerous improvements affect Univention system setup and the UCS appliance mode for the later web-based configuration of Univention Corporate Server (UCS), especially in cloud scenarios.

Excerpt from the changelog:[ul]
[li] The update module supports Errata-Updates for components.[/li]
[li] A configuration file in Grub 1 format will be created automatically from the default Grub 2 configuration. This simplifies the installation of UCS at Xen based cloud providers that use an older version of PyGrub (e.g. Amazon EC2).[/li]
[li] The Samba 4 integration has been improved. Users and computers can now be managed in the Active Directory interfaces on all Samba 4 domain controllers. The performance of Univention S4 Connector and Univention AD Connector have been improved.[/li]
[li] Univention System Setup has been improved in usability and features, especially if UCS has been installed in appliance mode for later configuration. Configuration settings like system role or system domain can be set in UCS appliance mode after the system has been installed. This especially improves the deployment of UCS in cloud infrastructures.[/li]
[li] The license counting has been relaxed to for example simplify the use of the UCS directory service as LDAP addressbook for groupware solutions. No licensing is necessary anymore for users that only have the property “Mail account” and “Personal information”.[/li]
[li] Update to Debian Squeeze 6.0.4.[/li][/ul]
A complete list of all changes as well as detailed information can be found in the release notes.

The update can be loaded by using the online repository either via UCS management system with the module “Online Updates” or via command line with the command “univention-upgrade”. Further update possibilities are described in the UCS manual in chapter 7.5.4.