Univention beeing behind on updating join-scripts

Hello everyone,

we are currently looking into the UCS as a substitute for our MSAD and plan on switching to Linux completely.
While we were pretty excited when we discovered univention, meanwhile I got quite concerned. I even started to research if this product is still under active development.

It seems like the Domain Join Assistant got its last update exactly 1 year ago and is still not compatible (or at least in the repo for Ubunut 22.04 or newer.
Also, there are these manual domain join instructions (1. Integration of Ubuntu clients into a UCS domain — Univention Corporate Server - Extended domain services documentation). Here it is pointed out that the latest Ubuntu version they tested it with is 14.04 LTS.
I mean, what? seriously? Am I missing here something? Did I maybe load a totally outdated website and missed the updated version?

And indeed on Ubuntu 23.10 the script fails because “auth-client-config” is not in the official repo anymore.

Can somebody please clarify why univention is so far behind with keeping things up to date?
Also, what are the workarounds? How can I manually join my Ubuntu 23.10 without “auth-client-config”?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey WolfgrammJ,

I don’t know how you came to that conclusion: Every supported Ubuntu version resides in it’s own branch. The branch ubuntu22.04 got it’s last update 3 months ago: Branches · univention/univention-domain-join · GitHub

The initial support of Ubuntu 22.04 was released a year ago: Bug 54775 – univention-domain-join: add support for Ubuntu 22.04. If the join does not work with Ubuntu 22.04 you can post your findings here or open a normal support ticket in case that you a eligible for support.

You are right, that seems to be outdated. We already have a bug report for this, as far as I am aware this does only concern the documentation, the tests are indeed making use of the latest LTS version: Bug 54903 – Update Ubuntu section to latest maintained Ubuntu version

The Domain Join Assistant is only released for LTS versions of Ubuntu, so there won’t be a new version for 23.10, but for 24.04 of course.

Best regards