We have been trying to install for a while OX Document app. Without success through the web interface. The process just hangs with a 502 message. ( Please see attached). To workaround the problem we are trying the command univention-add-app but it is showing that the APP is not found

root@mail:/etc/apt/sources.list.d# univention-add-app --list
Available App IDs:
  7i4ucs-123 (SiouxApp Business Suite 15.10)
  7i4ucs-dokuwiki (SiouxApp DokuWiki 15.10)
  7i4ucs-redmine (SiouxApp Redmine 15.10)
  7i4ucs-svn (SiouxApp SVN 15.10)
  7i4ucs-trac (SiouxApp Trac 15.10)
  7i4ucs-wordpress (SiouxApp WordPress 15.10)
  adconnector (Active Directory Connection 10.0)
  adtakeover (Active Directory Takeover 3.0.0)
  agorumcore-pro (agorum core Pro 7.5.5-3415)
  asterisk4ucs (Asterisk4UCS 1.0.8)
  audriga-groupware-migration (audriga Groupware Migration Service 1.0)
  auralis (auralis 2.5.6)
  bacula (Bacula Enterprise Edition 8.0.4)
  bareos (Bareos Backup Server 15.2.2)
  benno-mailarchiv (Benno MailArchiv 2.1.5-4)
  briox (Briox for OX App Suite 1.3)
  cups (Print server (CUPS) 1.5.3)
  dhcp-server (DHCP server 10.0.1)
  drbd (DRBD 8.4.6-1)
  dudle (Dudle 1.0.1-1)
  edyou (EDYOU Connector 1.2)
  egroupware (EGroupware 14.3.20160428)
  etherpad-lite (Etherpad 1.5.6-2)
  fetchmail (Fetchmail 6.3.21)
  google-apps (Google Apps for Work Connector 1.0)
  heliumvserver (HELIUM V ERP 8648)
  horde (Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 5.2.7-1)
  icinga (Icinga 1.11.6-1)
  ikarus_gatewaysecurity (IKARUS gateway.security 3.36.10)
  iku-av-mail (AV Mail 1.0-3)
  iku-av-proxy (AV Proxy 1.0-2)
  jenkins (Jenkins 1.651.1)
  kde (Desktop Environment (KDE) 4)
  kivitendo (kivitendo 3.1-20140303)
  kix4otrs6 (KIX4OTRS 6 6.1.15-0)
  kix4otrs7 (KIX4OTRS 7 7.1.3-0)
  klms (Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server 1.2.0)
  kolab-enterprise (Kolab Enterprise 14)
  kvm (KVM virtualization server 1.1.2)
  m23 (m23 Softwareverteilung 16.2)
  maildisclaimer (Maildisclaimer 2.0.1)
  mailserver (Mail server 10)
  mobydick (mobydick 1.0.0)
  nagios (Network monitoring (Nagios) 3.4)
  odoo8 (Odoo 8 8.0)
  office365 (Microsoft Office 365 Connector 1.0)
  open-xchange-guard (OX Guard 2.4.0-7-ucs1)
  open-xchange-text (OX Documents 7.8-1-7-ucs1)
  opencms (OpenCms For UCS 9.0.1)
  openproject (OpenProject 5.0.15)
  openvpn4ucs (OpenVPN4UCS 1.1.8)
  opsi (opsi - Client Management 4.0.6)
  opsi-local-image (opsi - Local Image 4.0.6)
  orocrm (OroCRM 1.7.4)
  owncloud81 (ownCloud 8.1 8.1.5)
  owncloud82 (ownCloud 8.2 8.2.3)
  oxseforucs (OX App Suite 7.8.0-6-ucs3)
  pkgdb (Software installation monitor 9)
  plucs (PLUCS 0.2-1)
  privacyidea (privacyIDEA 2.11)
  privacyidea-pam (privacyIDEA PAM 2.7.1)
  privacyidea-radius (privacyIDEA RADIUS 2.4)
  privacyidea-saml (privacyIDEA SAML 1.3-3)
  radius (RADIUS 3.0)
  samba-memberserver (Windows-compatible Memberserver 4.3)
  samba4 (Active Directory-compatible Domain Controller 4.3)
  self-service (Self Service 1.0)
  sep-sesam (SEP sesam Backup server 4.4.2-83)
  sep-sesam-cli (SEP sesam Backup client 4.4.2-83)
  squid (Proxy server/ web cache (Squid) 3.1)
  tecart (TecArt Business Software (Freemium) 4.4.12)
  tine20 (Tine 2.0 2015.11.7)
  ucc (Univention Corporate Client 2.1 2.1r1)
  ucsschool (UCS@school 4.1 v5)
  univention-demo (Univention Demo App 0.1)
  univention-demo-data (Univention Demo Data 2)
  uvmm (UCS Virtual Machine Manager 5)
  uvmm-ec2 (Amazon EC2 cloud connection 1.0)
  webweaver (WebWeaver® Connector 2.0.0-3)
  xrdp (RDP Server (xrdp) 0.8.1)
  z-push (Z-Push for Zarafa 2.2.8)
  zarafa (Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.2.1-51838)
  zarafa-webapp (Zarafa WebApp 2.1.2)
  zmeetings4ucs (Zarafa web meetings 1.2)
root@mail:/etc/apt/sources.list.d# univention-add-app open-xchange-text
14.05.16 11:45:18.336 MODULE      ( INFO    ) : UCS Version is '4.1'
14.05.16 11:45:18.336 MODULE      ( INFO    ) : opening category translation file: https://appcenter.software-univention.de/meta-inf/4.1/../categories.ini
14.05.16 11:45:19.158 MODULE      ( INFO    ) : loaded category translations: {}
14.05.16 11:45:19.159 MODULE      ( PROCESS ) : Downloading "https://appcenter.software-univention.de/meta-inf/4.1/index.json.gz.gpg"...
14.05.16 11:45:19.968 MODULE      ( PROCESS ) : Downloading "https://appcenter.software-univention.de/meta-inf/4.1/index.json.gz"...
14.05.16 11:45:21.517 MODULE      ( PROCESS ) : 0 file(s) are new
App "open-xchange-text" not found

                What we are doing wrong.  We want to be able to install and troubleshoot the installation through the console.


Rolando Riley

To install OX Documents first OX App Suite must be installed.

The appcenter related logfiles are:

/var/log/univention/management-console-module-appcenter.log /var/log/univention/appcenter.log

On UCS 4.1 please use the “univention-app” cmdline tool:

univention-app install oxseforucs univention-app install open-xchange-text

Daniel Tröder

Thanks Throeder,
It seems oxseforucs is already installed. Is there a manual page or user guide for univention-add-app ? There should be a way to list installed APP from command line.


Lists all commands:

# univention-app --help

Help on each command:

# univention-app <action> --help

Lists all installed Apps:

# univention-app info

Daniel Tröder

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Thanks Throeder:

                It is there.  Going to perform  an upgrade and see if it then finds    open-xchange-text

root@mail:~# univention-app info UCS: 4.1-1 errata176 App Center compatibility: 4 Installed: kde=4 mailserver=10 nagios=3.4 oxseforucs=7.8.0-6-ucs3 oxseforucs=7.8.0-6-ucs3 samba4=4.3 Upgradable: oxseforucs oxseforucs

                Will keep you posted


Throeder, with the given command I was able to see what is the problem

t http://updates.software-univention.de 3.2-7-errata/all/ Packages
Hit http://updates.software-univention.de 3.2-7-errata/amd64/ Packages
Fetched 1,512 kB in 27s (55.6 kB/s)
Reading package lists...
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
or been moved out of Incoming.
The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 univention-ox-text : Depends: univention-ox (>= 8.0.2-2) but 8.0.1-3.126.201511231325 is to be installed
                      Depends: open-xchange-documents-ui-editors but it is not going to be installed
                      Depends: open-xchange-documents-backend but it is not going to be installed
                      Depends: open-xchange-documentconverter-api but it is not going to be installed
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
Failed to install the App
Going to remove OX Documents (7.8-1-7-ucs1)
No hostdn for open-xchange-text found. Nothing to remove
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Package 'univention-ox-text' is not installed, so not removed
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 148 not upgraded.
Removing localhost from LDAP object
File: /etc/univention/service.info/services/univention-appcenter.cfg
Module: ox-config
Reloading web server config: apache2.
Module: ox-config
File: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/20_ucs-online-component.list

          Please let me know what to do to upgrade from the command line univention-ox ?


It looks like you have a half [un]finished OX Docs installation. Please uninstall all OX Doc packages:

apt-get remove univention-ox-text open-xchange-documents-ui-editors open-xchange-documents-ui-static open-xchange-documents-backend open-xchange-documents-ui-common open-xchange-documentconverter-api readerengine calcengine

Some of those might not be installed (anymore).

Then upgrade the entire system, hopefully incl. OX Apps:

univention-upgrade --ignoressh --ignoreterm

If it doesn’t work, try:

apt-get install -f

Good luck
Daniel Tröder