Univention 4.4-8 & SuiteCrm 7 - Very Slow Loading on internal LAN


First of all thanks for the hard work.
I’m been using Univention with SuiteCRM for almost 2 year and did not have any issues after setting it up.
Unfortunately in the last week it started to become extremely slow to a point it’s basically unusable (like 3 minutes to login into SuiteCRM app or the Univention admin page). I tried my best but I cannot find the issue (update to the latest version, increase the ram of the VM, allocate more cpu, check resource usage etc).

I checked if it was working equally bad outside the internal LAN (public ip pointing to the VM) but with great surprise it’s faster as usual.

Any suggestion on what could be the cause? I had not made any modification on networking equipment or settings in the last few months so I’m a bit clueless.

Other internal server with web services works just fine.

Thanks in advance.


I found a workaround if someone else will encounter the same problem.
Using the https version seems to avoid any slowdown: not sure why.
In any case I will try to find the root cause but I suspect that something went wrong in the Unitrend/SuiteCRM machine itself.