Unison install on ucs


i need unison on my ucs-server. I can’t find the package in the package manager in the UMC. How do I get it installed?

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unison is part of the unmaintained repository.

i have activated the unmaintained repository:


but neither in umc (package management) or ‘apt search unison’ will return a packet

Simply activating the unmaintained repository will not update the package lists. Run apt update manually.

That is the detailview for the 4.4-2 errata component. Activating the checkbox as shown in the screenshot will just activate the unmaintained repository for that component.

You have to set the UCR variable repository/online/unmaintained to yes.
ucr set repository/online/unmaintained=yes; univention-install unison

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ok, activating “unmaintained=yes” in umc -> Repo does not work or has no effect. With:

ucr set repository/online/unmaintained=yes; univention-install unison

it works.

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There is a checkbox on the entry page of Software / Repos - that one works. (Not in the additional Repo section)