Uninstalled software is still displayed (Self-Service)


I have three machines and installed the service “Self-Service” on the AD-Master. Now I want to move it to another server.

So I uninstalled “SelfService” on the AD-Master via the App-Center. But the link in the Univention Center of all servers is still there and of course does not work. It points to the service no longer installed on the AD master.
Even if I now install the service on the desired server, in all servers the service is still displayed on the wrong server where it no longer exists. And that’s why I can’t reach it anymore. Even if it’s installed on the other Server.

How can I clean this up?

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you can fix those portal entries yourself easily:

  1. Log in to the Univention Management Console.
  2. Navigate to “Domain” → “Portal settings”.
  3. Select the “self-service” entry.
  4. Change the links in the “Link” section to point to the correct server.
  5. Save & enjoy.

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