Uninstalled Open XChange, but still there

I’m running 4.2-5 and finally removed Open XChange. We haven’t used it in over a year, choosing SOGo on a different computer instead. The old OX machine still ran our mailserver.

After removing, all the mailserver components were still installed, and the management interface shows the OS options for every user. The web interface for OX App Suites also still comes up. However, Univention App Center shows both the mailserver and OX App Suite as not installed.

The problem comes when I try to upgrade to 4.3, I have to force the upgrade, since the OX LDAP field seem to be missing. After the update, the mailserver was still running, but couldn’t be reached. App Center still showed mailserver as not installed, so I installed it. That fixes (I assume) the firewall rules to allow the mailserver to be contacted.

I still didn’t have a working system, since I couldn’t send email. Postfix kep complaining about missing ldap.ox-* files. So, I decided to reinstall OX. That failed as well, saying OX was already installed, even though App Center showed it wasn’t.

I reverted back to 4.2-5 to keep running for this week.

So, I’m in a bind, and can’t upgrade to 4.3

Any ideas? I have one:

Install mailserver on another system and copy the mailboxes to the new system. Then I can upgrade my domain controller to 4.3 and not care about the weird installed/not installed packages (just force the upgrade).


Anyone have an idea? I went into aptitude to have a look around, and this is what I see.