Uninstall last UCC server



can I safely remove the UCC instance? The UCC schema will be still available?

Can I safely convert the host accounts (maybe via LDIF) to the Ubuntu type or have I delete and recreate them?




assuming you want to use Univention’s domain join mechanism for Ubuntu clients I highly suggest you remove the existing computer objects (or you use new names for the Ubuntu machines). During the join process a new computer object is created automatically, and having an object of a different type present sounds like a recipe for subtle or very obvious breakage.

I have to admit I don’t understand the question. What “UCSS instance” are you talking about? An LDAP object, a package…?

LDAP Schema extensions usually stay installed and available even if you remove the package that included the extension in the first place. The attributes themselves are definitely not removed from the LDAP objects. This is both good and bad; good insofar as no information is lost, and bad as dumping the LDAP directory and restoring it somewhere else (e.g. a newly join DC Backup) may lead to errors due to unknown attribute names unless you install the same schema extension there, too.


The last installation of UCC integration packages on an UCS.

As you said the removal of the packages was unproblematic.