Uninstall Google Apps for Work Connector

Hello everyone

After installing “Google Apps for Work Connector” for a test, and make removal the package I noticed that when creating a new user the default template remains the “Google Apps for Work Account user template”. I would return the previous template as default. How should I proceed? The fact remove the package should not have to do this automatically?

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Michael C. Voigt

Yes, it should be removed but currently doesn’t.
You can manually remove it via executing the following command on the DC Master as root:

udm settings/usertemplate remove --dn "cn=Google Apps for Work Account,cn=templates,cn=univention,$(ucr get ldap/base)"

How did you remove the package? via the app center?
There is a unjoin script which should have done the removal of the user template.
You can ceck if all joinscripts were correctly exectued via the command:


and run all missing scripts via


That’s right, I remove the package via app center, and made the checks as you suggested, and everything seems to be ok. It happens that when I add a user, the default templete remains Google Apps for Work.

Michael C. Voigt

We created a bugzilla entry for this. Thank you. [bug]41218[/bug]

I thank you for that helpfulness.


Michael C. voigt