Uninstall Cool Solution LDAP Custom ACLs in UCS 5.x


I had installed LDAP Custom ACLs from the Cool Solutions Repository before upgrading to UCS 5. Now, I cannot access the LDAP branches I configured authorisation for. I can see them in the Groups and User modules, but neither move nor delete entries there. I cannot see them in the UMC LDAP module. This is true for my personal domain administrator account as well as for the Administrator account. At the moment, I resort to Apache Directory Studio but I’d really like to get rid of the config denying me access in the UMC.

Any hints?


Fortunately, all it takes to install the univention-custom-ldap-acls and univention-custom-ldap-acls-schema packages is to use 2to3 to convert the embedded script from Python 2.x to Python 3.x (for reference package management - Easily unpack DEB, edit postinst, and repack DEB - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange).

I was then able to see the DNs where authorization has been configured and remove the ACL references in them. Afterwards I uninstalled the packages again.

The only remains are


I followed Remove LDAP schema extensions and Problem: After a ldap schema was removed, there are still some references in your ldap but the generated backup.ldif does not contain any reference to the aforementioned attribute description.

Any hints?