Unexpected DNS changes and no not possible to join domain with Windows 10 1809


Edit3: Edit1 and Edit2 seems to resolve the issue.

After struggling with a small openstack environment I decided to use a fresh UCS installation with two networks: with an internet gateway and without internet connection.

Now the UCS should act as an AD-controller in the network.

A virutal machine (Windows 10 1809) gets the IP from the UCS and I configured the UCS-DHCP to also deliver DNS, WINS and routing configuration to the vm. That works fine.

But: The vm can’t join the domain. I spend two days, but I didn’t found any solution. What I figured out, is that UCS changes DNS-records to values, that could be the reason for the join errors. It inserts the IP (the IP of the UCS in the into the Forward Lookup Zone, DomainDnsZones, ForestDnsZones, gc._msdcs and emmett (the name of the UCS-server).

nslookup of “mvz.intranet” and “emmett.mvz.intranet” on the vm gives me and The last record is wrong.

In LDAP intranet.mvz:/computers/dc/emmett only has the IP-address

Edit1: Using samba/interfaces/bindonly to disable the for samba also is not possible because then some linux devices within the couldn’t join the domain.

Edit2: I removed the “yes” from samba/interfaces/bindonly