Unencrypted FTP Univention Corporate Server - solved


I installed univention-ftp and opened a tab in FileZilla to connect to my server. Then i got the message that the transfer of password etc. would be unencrypted. How can i encrypt that process?
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habe univention-ftp installiert und wollte dann eine neue Verbindung in FileZilla zu meinem Server aufbauen. Doch dann habe ich von FileZilla die Nachricht erhalten, dass die Verbindung unverschlüsselt sei und Passwörter und persönliche Daten im Klartext übertragen werden würden. Wie schaffe ich es nun das ganze zu verschlüsseln?
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I strongly advise against using FTP, and I have even stronger objections against using encrypted FTP. Due to the nature of the protocol (the client or server IP address is used somewhere in the middle of the whole TCP payload and not just in the IP headers) it is a bitch to handle in firewalls, especially in NATing situations. And if the protocol itself is encrypted, going through NAT simply becomes next to impossible.

In short: it’s a mess, it sucks to debug, it was designed back in the days of the cold war and belongs relegated to the trash heap of history.

If you want secure access to a server for file transfer, please, PLEASE chose SFTP. It has nothing to do with FTP, instead it’s part of SSH (a so-called “sub-system”) and shares all of its security properties. There are tons of SFTP clients out there, and as you’re using FileZilla you already have one of those, too.

You don’t even have to install anything on a UCS server in order to log in via SSH or SFTP — it’s all there already. You may have to enable SSH login for certain users and groups depending on your UCR variables. Read more about that in the admin manual (here and here).

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ok thanks :slight_smile: