Unencrypted connection to dovecot

After renewing the certificates Thunderbird refuses to talk to dovecot with encryption. Other clients do not seem to have a problem. So I need to temporarily enable unencrypted IMAP access. Which UCR registry value must be changed in order to let dovecot talk plain imap ? I cannot locate the original mail/dovecot/ssl/disable_plaintext_auth in the registry.

Any ideas ?


I have the same problem after renew the root certificate. To enable plain communication without SSL I change the config file of dovecot on the server. /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-ssl.conf

ssl = no

and added

disable_plaintext_auth = no

Restart dovecot
Then changed the server setting on the thunderbird client to do not use ssl

Dirty dirty hack I know …but user need to work.


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Yes Klaus - users must be able to work. I finally found the UCR variable:


does the trick.

Good to know that we´re not alone experiencing this.
Thanks - Martin