Unable to update DNS Record using UDM REST API


Attempting to use the REST API’s PUT /dns/host_record/{dn} endpoint is returning to me a status code of 201, and a message that the record is being updated. Wonderful! However, my test is failing because on retrieval via the same GET endpoint is returning the old address to me. When I log into the UMC to look up what the value is there, it is also showing as the old address.

The directory-manager-rest.log file is entirely empty, so I might be looking at the wrong file. Any advice on where to look for error messages, or if the solution to this question is obvious to someone else would be greatly appreciated!


This also seems to be happening if I PUT to /users/user/{dn} to try and update a user’s ‘Description’ field (just a random field I don’t use except for testing). Does the REST API work for more than just retrieval?

I find it worth noting- I am retrieving the User object first using GET /users/user/{dn}, making my modification and noting the Etag, then sending the PUT with the modified object, and the Etag added as a header.

directory-manager-rest.log is the correct logfile and should not be emtpy - try restarting the service. I think there is a bug with the logrotation which causes the logfile to be emptied.

201 means Created and contains a Location header with a URI giving more information.
If you want to modify a object via PUT 201 should not occur - it seems something in the request is wrong then.
If you want to create a object better use POST /udm/dns/host_record/ instead of PUTing it.

Please post your exact requests and responses.