Unable to login to Keycloak Admin panel using administrator account

I installed UCS 5.0-3 by using KVM image. Now, I’m trying to use Keycloak for login to UCS Portal. I’m following this document.

I installed Keycloak from App Center and I can connect to Keycloak admin panel using admin account and the password from /etc/keycloak.secret.

According to the guide, I should also connect to the Keycloak admin panel using Administrator account which is in Domain Admins group but it doesn’t work.

Administrator account works while signing in to UCS Portal. Why it doesn’t work while signing in to Keycloak admin panel?

Am I missing something or document not applicable to the current release?

It is solved after running 50keycloak manually. From the web panel:

  • DomainDomain Join
  • Select 50keycloak (its status is pending in my case)
  • Click Execute
  • Click Run join scripts
  • Click Restart to restart UMC server components

Now I can connect to Keycloak Admin Console using administrator account and UCS realm is already created after this script. The link is the following in my case: