Unable to change subnet and ip address

I’ve followed several posts on here. This issue seems to exist before and after upgrading to 5.0.

I have a KVM host machine that has main ip address on bridge interface.
When I go to web gui > network settings I select my bridge interface and change the
ip address (leaving subnet the same). then go back to the network tab and set the gateway
then apply changes. Only the ip address changes. I have to go into command line
and set gateway
ucr set gateway=‘newIPaddr’

This seems to still cause other issues. I can’t reach VMs (one of which is the UCS domain controller).
Is the above a bug? How do I change the IP and gateway, IP, and subnet in one go?

It seems like there’s a bit of a catch 22. It tries to change the ip first, but then the web connection is lost after the IP address changes.

If the interface is not a bridge you can set the second IP address and if they are both valid, then you can save the IP address change, then change the gateway + save, then delete the IP that’s no longer needed. Unfortunately we can assign more than on IP to a bridge so this can’t be done.