UMC - replace existing widgets, error during user creation


I am currently trying to replace the “title” field for the user/users module by using a Dynamic Selection.
The goal is to simplify and standardize the used values.

As far as I can see the replacement works when creating a user object in advanced mode or when modifying existing users.

But using the simplified wizard-style method to create a user an error is thrown (and the list-box is empty)

in management-console-web-server.log I see this:

20.06.17 13:17:07.138  MAIN        ( INFO    ) : CPCommand ( got new request
20.06.17 13:17:07.138  MAIN        ( INFO    ) : CPCommand ( pushed request(0x7fa607a68210) to queue(0x7fa607d13290) - waiting for response
20.06.17 13:17:07.236  MAIN        ( INFO    ) : UMCP_Dispatcher: check_queue: new request: 0x7fa607a68210
20.06.17 13:17:07.236  MAIN        ( INFO    ) : SessionClient(0x7fa60788b790): sending request(149795742713861-431)
20.06.17 13:17:07.236  PROTOCOL    ( INFO    ) : Sending UMCP COMMAND REQUEST 149795742713861-431
20.06.17 13:17:07.239  PARSER      ( INFO    ) : UMCP RESPONSE 149795742713861-431 parsed successfully
20.06.17 13:17:07.239  PROTOCOL    ( INFO    ) : Received UMCP RESPONSE 149795742713861-431
20.06.17 13:17:07.239  MAIN        ( INFO    ) : SessionClient(0x7fa60788b790): got response(149795742713861-431): status=422 queue=0x7fa607d13290
20.06.17 13:17:07.239  MAIN        ( INFO    ) : CPCommand ( got response(0x7fa607a68150) from queue(0x7fa607d13290): status=422
20.06.17 13:17:07.239  MAIN        ( PROCESS ) : CPCommand ( response status code: 422
20.06.17 13:17:07.239  MAIN        ( PROCESS ) : CPCommand ( response message: 1 error(s) occurred
20.06.17 13:17:07.239  MAIN        ( PROCESS ) : CPCommand ( response result: {'syntax': 'Argument required'}

As far as I have seen this happens to me when the name of the extended attribute is equal to the original attribute.

DN: cn=title,cn=custom attributes,cn=univention,dc=mydomain,dc=intranet
ARG: None
  objectClass: organizationalPerson
  groupPosition: None
  module: users/user
  overwritePosition: title
  hook: None
  overwriteTab: None
  shortDescription: Title (custom)
  groupName: None
  version: 2
  valueRequired: None
  CLIName: title
  fullWidth: None
  longDescription: title (e.g. Dr., PD. Dr., Prof. Dr.)
  doNotSearch: None
  tabName: None
  syntax: DS_Title
  tabAdvanced: None
  name: title
  default: None
  mayChange: 1
  multivalue: 0
  ldapMapping: title
  deleteObjectClass: 0
  notEditable: 0
  tabPosition: None
  disableUDMWeb: None

I also tried to define the EA with another name and just defined “overwritePosition: title”. With this I get the same result for existing users but the creation of new users is not possible as the first page of the wizard will not load.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Best Regards,

Hi Dirk,

As far as I know, you do not need a custom attribute. Just set your new syntax class and set this syntax via UCR variable (ucr set directory/manager/web/modules/users/user/properties/title/syntax=DS_title).

A bug in UCS 4.1 which is fixed in errata 376 (see It looks like you have UCS 4.2 so this should be fixed.

Could you fill out a bug report for this issue?



thanks for for pointing to the ability using an UCRV to override the syntax. (great thing btw.)

As the reported error occurs also when using this method I have filed Bug 44847 - Validation error when using overwritten syntax class when creating new user as recommended.

Best Regards,

The remaining issue was resolved by
The customer is very pleased that the fix was provided so fast