UMC mail module missing


I installed OX for evaluation then uninstalled it and removed that test server from the domain.

I now am missing the UMC mail module for setting up imap domains. I still have the OX Mail and OX resources UMC modules on the DC.

I tried removing the following packages from Extended software management on the DC:

If I go into the OX Mail UMC module, I see context10 OX context, but I can’t remove it. (“The deletion of the OX context object is not allowed!”)

Is there something else I can do to remove the remnants of the OX?

many thanks, Julian


I did the removal once, basically by deleting everything from the LDAP with relation to the OX-integration. Some attributes had to be deleted with low-level methods like ldapmodify.

There are definitions of UDM Modules and UMC settings in cn=univention but I dont know for sure, what happens if one tries to delete them and would not not try to do so if I am not sure that a recovery of the while system is possible,

Best Regards,
Dirk Ahrnke