Udm dns/host_record create --set name="monitor.$(ucr get domainname)" --set a="" --superordinate "$(udm dns/forward_zone list |sed -ne 's/^DN: //p;T;q')"

I create DNS-Entrys like this:

eval "$(ucr shell ldap/base)"
udm dns/host_record create --set name="test.$(ucr get domainname)" --set a="" --superordinate "$(udm dns/forward_zone list |sed -ne 's/^DN: //p;T;q')"

But somehow I cannot resolve them form my Windows-Box which has only Univention UCS configured as a DNS-Server.

Are there some commands to try to fix this?

I can resolve the hosts from the UCS Server himself successfully.


this part:

.$(ucr get domainname)

needs to be removed from the command specified here (the one I used):

otherwise it results in entries like this: