UCS5 Radius and self-service

Hello there,

I have set up a UCS 5 server as an AD domain member.
So far I am able to log in with my AD users but I have several problems:

  1. Radius authentication is not working.
  2. Self-service is also not working.

For 1) I additional set up the password synchronisation as mentioned here → 9.2. Active Directory Connection — Univention Corporate Server - Manual for users and administrators

What is a bit weird to me: The manual says I need to use the DN (= distinguished name). As soon as I would copy that over from ADSI editor with a format like CN=Administrator,CN=Users,CN= and so on the AD sync stop working.
If I just use the username (= sAMAccountName) it works.

For 2) I have also used the main domain admin account at the config settings but every time I enter my user credentials at any self service it says “username/password not correct or not authorized.”

Can someone guide me what I am doing wrong or where to find additional manuals/guidelines?

Is it possible that I have those issues as I am using a 2016 domain level?