UCS5 Core Edition: Monitoring question

I read about new monitoring in UCS5 (Solved: Feature Request: Nagios auch noch für UCS 5.0 unterstützen - #5 by lutz.willek).
Nagios is not supported anymore (as UCS app using UCS5). The suggestion is monitoring with UCS Dashboard, UCS Dashboard Client and UCS Dashboard Database. But only UCS Dashboard is for free use, for Database and Client you have to pay.
And only UCS Dashboard Client is supported for use with UCS 5. The App Center Catalogue shows only support of both apps for UCS 4.4.
So is there a monitoring solution inside UCS Core to monitor a UCS 5 Core environment?

Hi @icke , what are your thoughts on this meanwhile:

Let me know :slight_smile:

Hi Santiago,
now we have two UCS5 Core server without monitoring.
Do I have to install another UCS server running UCS4 to use Nagios again? And I have to wait until UCS Dashboard is supported for use with UCS5? Is it useful to use UCS Dahsboard without Database and Client?
It is better to setup a separate (not UCS-builtin) Nagios or Check_MK server to monitor our systems?

Hi @icke,

yes you can setup an extra 4.4-8 System, but installing a pure Nagios or any other monitoring is fine as well. I can’t deicide what is best in your environment. As monitoring is the main task of the Dashboard I still suggest the posted solution , a little patience and than install everything properly.

we use checkmk meanwhile as ucs 4 and also 5 have the univention specific nagios checks still available


that works well


Thanks for sharing @externa1!

Thank you, sounds good. We will try this.