UCS5 and Dokuwiki

Refering to my very old posting and the great Help I got there, I wanted to know, if anybody has done a install of Dokuwiki on UCS5.

I tried it like under UCS4, but I fail already because the PHP files are not executed. And there seems to be no php-Module in the running apache2 (or I just can’t find it).

TL;DR: Anybody any tipps/help to get Dokuwiki running on UCS5?

And yes, I have seen the available xwiki - looks very nice, but I still like the simple file-based-mode of Dokuwiki and therefore the very easy backup methods…

Oh my, after installing PHP via the Packet Manager (my bad) it’s up and running - who would have thought, that you need to install the required software to run the app :slight_smile:

Now it’s “just” the old problem, that my ldap-connection from Dokuwiki to UCS doesn’t seem to work anymore. I guess I will need some help there again…