UCS with remote site

Hello all,

My name is Raymond, been appreciating ucs a long time. We have a project and would like to implement a full univention solution, hope somebody could help, because it seems like i’m stuck.

We have two sites each site with a dedicated server, and around 150 users total. We are talking about AD compatible domain with samba. All the users will have their “desktop” and “documents” folder redirected to the ucs server into a dedicated user profile directory.

Site A is working flawlessly, all the user files are synchronizing perfectly. On site B we don’t have any internet connection yet, but we have to install the user computers, join them into the domain. The user files will have to synchronize to the server on Site B. Once internet connection is resolved, the two sites will be connected via vpn.

What would be the best approach in this situation? I’ve tried to install an ucs backup on site A and migrated to site b, but it cannot connect to the LDAP server, so it’s useless that way.

I really hope i was able to express myself correctly, and sorry if it has been asked already, I haven’t found a similar situation.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @raymondcsirak,

I am not too involved in such topics, but I think your best bet would be a multi-master setup. so both sites should in the end have a domain master that replicates with the other side.

The one critical thing would be the unclear time for both nodes not being able to see each other. are you sure that you could not provide a simple connection between the two (through umts for example)?

Hi. Thanks. Connection cannot be resolved at the moment. I thought about a multi-master setup, but i’m afraid it would complicate things after the sites will be connected. It seems like we just have to go with this solution.