UCS upgrade to 4.2 removes Kopano core packages

With Kopano apps installed (Core, Webapp, Webmeetings, Z-Push), the distupgrade UCS 4.1 to 4.2 deinstalls most of Kopano server packages.

/var/log/univention/updater.log starts deciding to uninstall this way:

Investigating (0) kopano-utils [ amd64 ] < -> > ( mail )
Broken kopano-utils:amd64 Hängt ab von on kopano-client [ amd64 ] < -> 8.3.1~35-6.1 > ( mail ) (=
  Considering kopano-client:amd64 44 as a solution to kopano-utils:amd64 4
  Removing kopano-utils:amd64 rather than change kopano-client:amd64

what literally means: kopano-client is avaliable in version 8.3.x, but kopano-utils only up to 8.2.x

Digging where the packages came from:

apt-cache policy kopano-client
  Installed: 8.3.1~35-6.1
  Candidate: 8.3.1~35-6.1
  Version table:
 *** 8.3.1~35-6.1 0
        500 http://appcenter.software-univention.de/univention-repository/4.2/maintained/component/ z-push-kopano_20170630110344/amd64/ Packages

apt-cache policy kopano-utils
  Installed: (none)
  Version table: 0
        500 http://appcenter.software-univention.de/univention-repository/4.2/maintained/component/ kopano-core_20170425130134/amd64/ Packages 0
        500 http://appcenter.software-univention.de/univention-repository/4.1/maintained/component/ kopano-core_20170425130134/amd64/ Packages

Browsing manually in the repository, I see there’s a component kopano-core_20170530164016 but the log reveals that this component was not accessed at all (only the 20170425… one).

Could it be that this component didn’t get activated?

No answer (of course) but additional informations.

From a system which was installed with 4.2:

root@mail:~# apt-cache policy  kopano-utils
  Installiert:           8.3.1~35-6.1
  Installationskandidat: 8.3.1~35-6.1
 *** 8.3.1~35-6.1 0
        500 https://appcenter.software-univention.de/univention-repository/4.2/maintained/component/ kopano-core_20170530164016/amd64/ Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Thanks for your report.

The Updater will only activate the component with the exact same name for UCS 4.2, any app update avaialble will be done after the initial upgrade to UCS 4.2 is finished.

I could reproduce your issue and will inform the App maintainers. I could fix the issue by installing the kopano-core App again on UCS 4.2: univention-app install kopano-core (this installs App version, if not, try kopano-core= as the last parameter)

Thanks for the quick reply.

in UCS 4.1, the latest kopano-core component is 20170425…, containing Kopano components of 8.1 -> enabling kopano-core_20170425… on 4.2 leads to Kopano components of 8.2 -> therefore for instance kopano-utils is not available as an 8.3 version.

And now for kopano-client which is contained in multiple repos, but relevant is z-push-kopano:
latest 4.1 z-push-kopano_20170630… -> kopano-client 8.0
same in 4.2: z-push-kopano_20170630… -> kopano-client 8.3

So do I understand it right: if there were a component kopano-core_20170530… in UCS 4.1, the updater would immediately have picked up the 8.3 packages on distupgrade?

Indeed, this installed the missing 8.3 parts. But trying to login, I got the MAPI_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND as already described in other threads. I had to manually upgrade libkcsoap0 from 8.1 to 8.3 to get kopano-server to start. Configuration and database were fully preserved. Thanks for the solution.

That is correct.

I agree with your analysis that the issue comes from libraries that are too new in the UCS 4.2 z-push app (kopano-utils). As I said, I informed the ISV at the time of my last post.