UCS upgrade 4.4.8-errata987 to 5.0.0 issue

The system can not be updated to UCS 5.0 due to the following reasons:

The following UCR templates are not compatible with Python 3:
     /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/cups/cups-access-limit.conf (package: univention-printserver)
     /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/cups/cupsd.conf (package: univention-printserver)
     /etc/univention/templates/files/etc/ldap/slapd.conf.d/11univention-ldap-usercert_schema (package: univention-ldap-usercert)

The following extensions are incompatible with UCS 5.0:
    cn=59univention-radius,cn=ldapacl,cn=univention,dc=<domain>,dc=com,dc=ar: [unspecified..unspecified)
    cn=66univention-radius,cn=ldapacl,cn=univention,dc=<domain>,dc=com,dc=ar: [unspecified..unspecified)
    cn=WindowsCertificateHook,cn=udm_hook,cn=univention,dc=<domain>,dc=com,dc=ar: [unspecified..unspecified)
    cn=SimpleAuthCertificateHook,cn=udm_hook,cn=univention,dc=<domain>,dc=com,dc=ar: [unspecified..unspecified)

Error: Update aborted by pre-update script of release 5.0-0
exitcode of univention-updater: 1
ERROR: update failed. Please check /var/log/univention/updater.log

Regarding univention-ldap-usercert, I’ve managed to update to the latest release in 4.4.8 by disabling cool-solutions repo.

Both CUPS and FreeRADIUS are supported in 5.0.0 but still unable to clear those issues.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Hi there! From my recent experience, you’d need to backup just in case, purge both packages, remove by hand any remaining files that are still present in the log and clean LDAP with ldapdelete, i.e.

ldapdelete -x -D “cn=admin,$(ucr get ldap/base)” -y /etc/ldap.secret “cn=59univention-radius,cn=ldapacl,cn=univention,dc=invap,dc=com,dc=ar”

and so on. After these steps, the upgrade should proceed.

Good luck!

Hi @dejavu!

What about univention-ldap-usercert? Were you able to re-install it after upgrading to 5.0.0?


I did not have this very issue, but had to uninstall Let’s Encrypt module during the upgrade, which I was not too excited about. To make Postfix and Dovecot in the mail app still use a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, I downloaded and ran acme.sh to generate a new certificate for mail domains and then used the UCS registry to point Postfix and Dovecot to them. Now, UCS warns me via the system diagnostic that this SSL certificate is not valid from the UCS stand-point. The mail clients, i.e. Thunderbird and Outlook 2010 are happy. So, I’m just waiting for the UCS-5 compatible Let’s Encrypt to become available in Apps, I guess.