UCS Upgrade 3.2 -> 4.0: ERROR: The repository scope 'transition' is not accessible

The upgrade from UCS 3.2 to UCS 4.0 requires the special UCS repository component ‘transition’.

This component is available on the offical UCS repository server.

If a local repository is used, the ‘transition’ component has to be configured and updated on the local repository server. The upgrade to UCS 4.0 will be aborted on any system, using the local repository server, until the ‘transition’ component is available on the local repository server.

To activate the synchronisation of the ‘transition’ component, set the following UCR variables on the local repository server:

univention-config-registry set \
repository/online/component/transition/description="Transition packages for the update from UCS 3.2 to UCS 4.0" \
repository/online/component/transition/version="3.2" \
repository/online/component/transition=disabled \

Then update the local repository with the following command:

univention-repository-update net