UCS Training and Knowledge

Hi Team,
In order to master UCS, training and resources are required.
I was wondering, where do you get training on UCS?
Are there any books or courses you recommend in addition to the UCS Manual?
Thank you!


It depends a bit on your current level and what you want to achieve.
The best is, of course, to attend a technical training. If you reach out at https://www.univention.com/Contact/, we can get you more details.

I don’t think there is any book specific to UCS available. However, for a good introduction to Linux in general, I like " Linux for Beginners: An Introduction to the Linux Operating System and Command Line by Jason Cannon"



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Hi Kevin,
Thank you for your feedback. I feel comfortable enough in Linux and terminal. I do have some training. I even read some books - specifically on Samba and Bash command line. So far, while I have not done any domain client systems in Linux, I have done configuration of Samba 4 for basic permission based file management via groups for clients, Virtual Machines via KVM and Virtual Box in CentOS and even using some lUbuntu on my old netbooks, and I have been interfacing with the Univention Web Console. What I want to achieve is to really use Univention in a way that objectives are achieved - balancing security and functionality with cost. Where I am from in the Caribbean, some clients do not have enough funds to implement a full fledged Windows Domain system with CALS etc etc. By comparison, Linux can achieve some things or a decent amount of things less the cost of the software - which is much more reachable. In playing or observing Univention when I happen to use the Web Console, I gather that there are “Apps” and “Connector Services” that I can attach functionality to achieve SMB/SME company goals and functionality. Where can I learn about those? I also aim to learn more about Univention as a flavor of debian, as well as what guiding philosophies it has and learn how or why in a univention world, vs let’s say Redhat or Centos etc etc.


I think to just get an idea about it, going through the quick start guide https://docs.software-univention.de/quickstart-en-4.4.html
Or checking out the videos on youtube could give you a good starting point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S65VuiwjXyo&list=PLRvL2-ZtMxNC4lf9Hk00Y9vG4sG6vSbQI