UCS synchronization with GLPI

I am trying to sync glpi with the AD but it has been unsuccessful. All the tests I do come out failed, could someone help me to achieve this?

I attach a screenshot of the configuration that I am doing in GLPI with the LDAP protocolScreenshot_1

I appreciate anyone who can help me

same here !!!

This is a GLPI issue & the filters needed, best place to ask is the GLPI forums.
There is not even any simple debugging in the GLPI, it just fails… (yep… ok it has a test button, but no feedback)

The most annoying thing is that i use “apache directory studio” with the same settings & it works fine.

so maybe try that first , till you get a working config with the directory studio, & try and tx the settings to GLPI

you might “try” setting :
The Defaultserver to “yes”
The port to “636”
The “used Binds” to “NO”!! to go for the most basic auth first

then on the left tabs go down to " advanced information",
which really is a misnomer it should be “advanced configuration”

set the TLS to “NO”

So you got 95% of the way…
now you have to set the filters… & the type of ldap…, I think there is Ms or Samba types and how you want it mapped…