UCS SLave upgrade from 4.4.3 To 4..4..8 Failed

Hi im update ucs master & slave at same time
but my slave is error and is the log :
03.06.21 11:30:47.138 DEBUG_INIT
**** Starting univention-updater with parameter=[’/usr/share/univention-updater/univention-updater’, ‘net’, ‘–updateto’, ‘4.4-8’, ‘–ignoressh’, ‘–ignoreterm’]
starting net mode
—>DBG:update_available(mode=net, cdrom_mount_point=/media/cdrom, iso=None)
Checking network repository
Update to = 4.4-4
**** Downloading scripts at Thu Jun 3 11:30:57 2021
**** Starting actual update at Thu Jun 3 11:31:07 2021
Running preup.sh script
Kam Jun 3 11:31:07 WIB 2021

Please check the release notes carefully BEFORE updating to UCS 4.4-4:
English version: https://docs.software-univention.de/release-notes-4.4-4-en.html
German version: https://docs.software-univention.de/release-notes-4.4-4-de.html

Please also consider documents of following release updates and
3rd party components.

Do you want to continue [Y/n]?
Custom preupdate script /var/lib/local-preup.sh not found
Checking for space on /var/cache/apt/archives: OK
Checking for space on /boot: OK
Checking for space on /: OK
Checking for package status: OK
Checking LDAP schema: OK
WARNING: Your domain controller master is still on version 4.4-3.
It is strongly recommended that the domain controller master is
always the first system to be updated during a release update.
This check can be skipped by setting the UCR
variable update44/ignore_version to yes.
Error: Update aborted by pre-update script of release 4.4-4

Always update in this order:

  1. DC Master
  2. all DC Backups
  3. all DC Slaves
  4. Memberservers

thankyou dude i wil try upgrade my master and after it my slave

when i try to loggin on my slave 4.4.3 :
Internal server error: The service is temporarily not available.

Cannot connect to the LDAP service.
The following steps can help to solve this problem:

  • Make sure the domain controller master is running and reachable from ucs-slave.ucs.com
  • Check if enough hard disk space and free RAM is available on this server and on the domain controller master or free some resources
  • Restart the LDAP service on the domain controller master either via “service slapd restart” on command line or with the UMC module “System services”
  • Install the latest software updates

How to fix ?

And my master after update to 4.4.8
When i want to upgrade my slave to 4.4.8 from 4.4.3
error " Cannot Connect To the LDAP Service"
and i cannot upgrade from command line
how to upgrade my slave?

Probably the LDAP-Service is not running. Try:

service slapd restart

okay i will try and i have i problem again Some join scripts could not be executed. More details can be found in the log file /var/log/univention/join.log .
Please retry to execute the join scripts after resolving any conflicting issues.

And the log :
Adding SRV record “ldap._tcp.Default-First-Site-Name._sites.dc msdcs 0 100 389 ucs-slave.ucs.com.” to zone ucs.com
Adding SRV record “kerberos._tcp.Default-First-Site-Name sites 0 100 88 ucs-slave.ucs.com.” to zone ucs.com
Adding SRV record “kerberos._tcp.Default-First-Site-Name._sites.dc msdcs 0 100 88 ucs-slave.ucs.com.” to zone ucs.com
Adding TXT record “_kerberos UCS.COM” to zone ucs.com
2021-06-02 16:51:12.151475886+07:00 (in joinscript_save_current_version)
Configure 98univention-samba4-saml-kerberos.inst Wed Jun 2 16:51:12 WIB 2021
2021-06-02 16:51:12.298242616+07:00 (in joinscript_init)
2021-06-02 16:51:12.444230695+07:00 (in joinscript_save_current_version)
univention-join-hooks: looking for hook type “join/post-joinscripts” on ucstest.ucs.com
Found hooks:

Restarting Univention Directory Listener Daemon: univention-directory-listenerok: run: univention-directory-listener: (pid 2752) 1s, nor$
File: /etc/resolv.conf
Wed Jun 2 16:51:18 WIB 2021: finish /usr/share/univention-join/univention-join

Execute univention-run-join-scripts to restart failed join scripts.