UCS server password change and ox app suite


Ist seems during the automatic password change every month the password in ox/cfg/authplugin.properties/com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.bindPassword are still the old one.

it will not be touched.
inside the script /usr/lib/univention-server/server_password_change.d/univention-ox,
it seems we did not have an logic to modiy the value:
# this will trigger the ox-config.py UCR module, which will update
# /opt/open-xchange/etc/authplugin.properties
PW="$(ucr get ox/cfg/authplugin.properties/com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.bindPassword)"
ucr set ox/cfg/authplugin.properties/com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.bindPassword="$PW"
# server reload

to solve the issue i need to mody the ucr value: ucr set ox/cfg/authplugin.properties/com.openexchange.authentication.ucs.bindPassword=<correct password from /etc/machine.secret>

is this a know issue ?

Thanks & best regards