UCS server not shown in Windows 10 network environment

Hi folks,

I’m totally new to UCS (but not to IT in general :wink: ).

I successfully setup UCS itself, DNS, DHCP, a few Windows devices and created some shares. All these things work fine.

I can add the shares manually in windows explorer. Sadly, the UCS server itself doesn’t show up in Windows Network section of the Explorer.

My current systems are: Windows 10 Pro v1903 and UCS 4.4 errata 374. DHCP NetBIOS Type is set to 8 (hybrid), NetBIOS routing and DNS settings are configured and ipconfig /all show the rigth values.

Any ideas what may go wrong?

Thanks in advance,


O.k guys, no answer so far.

Well, I did some research myself since yesterday and found network browsing is (or better said was) a feature which requires SMBv1 enabled on Windows client(s).

But, since creators update and at least since v1809 SBMv1 is neither installed nor enabled on Windows 10 clients. And this has been done for good (security) reasons.

Because re-anabling SMBv1 results is less security and has to be redone after each windows feature update (1903, 1909, …) I decided to refrain from browsing my windows network neighbourhood.

If anyone has other experiences or any kind of workaround don’t hesitate to reply to me.

Thanks in advance and greetinx,


Same thing here, but i can see all my Ubuntu/Debian Sambaservers. Strange right. So what is do to on UCS Server that browser over Windows Network is possible again?



there is no more network discovery with smb2 or smb3
Windows Systems are using WS-Discovery (WSD) instead which is not part of samba this time, so windows systems are still able to discover other windows systems in the network Neighbourhood but no samba servers

freenas/truenas has an implementation that works also for samba, but i did not test if this is usable on UCS too as i don’t need the network browsing for shares (they are all mapped through GPO)

here is a good description for that:

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